Programmatic UK Summit

26th September 2018

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA

Programmatic trading is dominating the digital ad landscape, but many marketers are still unclear on the results it can deliver on mobile. We aim to change that.

The Programmatic Summit aims to address the most pressing questions around how programmatic works and its impact on mobile marketing. How does it tie in with your overall digital advertising strategy?

How is it evolving: where do Real Time Bidding, Private Marketplaces, Curated Marketplaces and Automatic Guaranteed fit into the programmatic landscape?

No matter what your question, be it simple or in-depth, our speakers and panellists are there to help you understand this key marketing technology and leave the event more confident and prepared for 2018.

Programmatic has revolutionised the digital advertising business, but in the mobile world, it's still in its evolutionary stages, characterised by excitement and hype, but also, a great deal of confusion.

At the Programmatic Summit, we will take delegates beyond the hype to explain what mobile programmatic is, how it works, and what the opportunities are for their business to use programmatic to target individuals on mobile at scale, with contextual relevance. Through a series of keynote presentations from programmatic experts at leading brands and mobile ad tech companies, panel debates and interactive round table discussions, delegates will have the opportunity to cement their knowledge and understanding of this fast-moving and increasingly important topic, as well as ask the questions that they need answers to.